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Founded in 1986, we are a well-respected and long-established Finnish company, designing and developing antennas for tactical communication, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring applications. Our range of different types of wide and narrowband antennas includes advanced 'SMART Antenna' solutions like Steerable Beam and Mission Adaptive Antennas. At ALARIS COJOT we have the knowledge and expertise to match the highly demanding and changing operational requirements in the global defense and security markets with a broad range of field-proven antenna solutions for mobile and fixed-site installation environments.

The COJOT Story

Founded in 1986

COJOT OY was founded in Espoo, Finland.

The Finnish Defence Forces have awarded a contract to COJOT.

COJOT was awarded a military contract outside of Finland.

Alaris Holdings acquired COJOT.

COJOT first serial delivery of Steerable Beam Antennas (SBAs).

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Group structure

The Alaris Group forms part of a larger group of entities as seen here.

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Assured quality

Our technically skilled engineers, R&D laboratory, advanced simulation tools and our own test facilities, including an open-air-measurement track, combined with an extended network of external test facilities ensure that every product meets the required specifications and quality.

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Research & Development

Not only by delivering the desired product from our wide ranged standard portfolio, but also by developing tailor made solutions for Your application (projects) - employing the full know how of our highly qualified engineers team.

We are Your partner of choice for industrial (series) production, but also for small batches and product groups. Due to our possibilities for inhouse prototyping we are highly flexible and able to react promptly in the interest of our customers.

Due to our tight links of processing we can assure a seamless operation and a non-bureaucratic support resulting in a fast and reliable delivery of Your order.

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Why Alaris COJOT?

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We are flexible and innovative with extremely short response times

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We have a proven capability in delivering products and custom solutions in a timely manner

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We offer MIL-STD-810 compliant antenna designs and have field-proven solutions worldwide.

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We are a trusted source for high quality antennas that customers can rely on.

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