Compact Steerable Beam Antenna for UHF III+


The SBA1327BS is a small sized steerable beam antenna covering the UHF/NATO band III+ (1350 to 2700 MHz). The antenna beams can be steered to achieve optimal gain to the desired direction and to avoid interference from unwanted directions (LPI/LPD). The antenna provides up to 20 beams with a minimum of 30 degree beamwidth to cover the full 360 degree horizontal area. In addition to these narrow beams the antenna can also provide omni directional mode. Its extremely fast beam switching ability makes the antenna suitable for complex node network in tactical communication.

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Frequency Range 1350 - 2700 MHz
Power rating 10 W
Gain 15 dBi
Weight 6.5 Kg

    Product Applications

  • Point-to-point Communications
  • Point-to-multipoint Communications
  • Low probability of interception

    Design Features

  • Steerable Beam Antenna